Considerations When Hiring An Electrician

Do you need an electrician to conduct repairs in your home? Given the delicate and dangerous nature of electrical work, you must vet the professional before engaging in their services. Below is a guideline with some tips on how to choose an electrician. 

Training and Accreditation

It is dangerous to conduct DIY electrical repairs or hire an untrained electrician. Therefore, ask the electrician about their training. For instance, what type of licence do they have? The electrical licence informs you whether the electrician can conduct the required electrical installation or repair work. For example, the professional needs a special permit if they intend to repair overhead cables. A licence also allows the electrician to apply for electrical permits from the local council. For instance, the building code could require you to seek licenses for specific electrical work. Does the electrician have any certification? Typically, certifications show that your electrician has undergone intensive training to improve their skill. If you have extensive electrical work, consider electricians who are registered contractors. A registered contractor can employ other electricians to work for them. This way, they can complete your project on time. 

Safety Measures 

Your electrician should observe the following safety measures:

  • They should inspect the premises to identify any electrical defects or emergencies that require urgent attention.
  • The professional should shut off the mains' power and appliances before attempting any repairs. Moreover, they must de-energise equipment to prevent electrocution.
  • The electrician should have the required safety equipment. For instance, safety harnesses, scaffolds and scissor lifts will keep the electrician safe when working at heights.
  • The electrician should have sufficient insurance to prevent losses in case of accidents in your home.
  • The professional should install barriers around the working area to prevent third parties from coming into contact with electrical hazards. 

Terms and Pricing 

Assess the electrician's terms and repair conditions. For instance, how do they price their services? It is difficult for the electrician to give an over-the-phone quote since they do not comprehend the extent of the repairs. For instance, while you may want the electrician to replace a damaged circuit board, they may also need to upgrade the wiring or install surge protectors if they realise power surges damaged the circuit board. Ideally, the electrician should inspect the electrical system, list the required repairs and provide a quote before commencing the repair work. Moreover, they should offer guarantees on the replaced components and the repair work. 

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