Various Options Available to You When Contemplating Commercial Flat Roof Refurbishment

Flat roofing remains a top choice for many commercial buildings and this can be credited to the array of advantages that this roofing profile offers. For instance, this type of roofing is much easier to install than its pitched counterparts are, making it both time and cost-efficient. Nonetheless, despite the multiple benefits that it offers, there are a few drawbacks that you should be wary of and the foremost one is the flat roof's inability to redirect moisture away from it.

When this water is not eliminated, it puddles on the roof and this leads to damage that will necessitate flat roof refurbishment. If your roofer has suggested this solution to you, keep reading to learn about the various options that are available to you when contemplating commercial flat roof refurbishment. 

Strip and replace flat roof refurbishment

When water is allowed to accumulate on the flat roof and is left unchecked, it has a propensity of causing intrinsic damage to the roof. This means that the roof has not merely acquired cosmetic flaws but instead its structural integrity is likely in jeopardy too. If this is the case, a complete strip and replacement would be the best way to go about the refurbishment process. During the stripping stage, the roofer will extract all the layers of the roof that have acquired some degree of damage. If the water has seeped down to the roof deck, this structure will be stripped away too.

Once the roof is stripped, the contractors will then go about restoring the integrity of the roof by restoring the thermal efficiency of the structure and remedying lingering water damage. When the repairs are concluded, new layers are installed to create a flat roof that is free of any defects. This form of roof refurbishment offers benefits such as ensuring that your commercial flat roof is up to code, enhancing energy efficiency for your property that translates into reduced utility expenses and increasing property value.

Partial replacement flat roof refurbishment

If you caught damage to your flat roof early and saved part of this structure from deterioration, you may only require flat roof refurbishment in the form of a partial replacement. Depending on how long the water damage went undeterred, the roofers may find that specific parts of this structure have succumbed to complete degradation due to excessive exposure to moisture. If the rest of your roof is sound, there is no reason to refurbish the entire thing.

Instead, the contractors will focus on the affected areas by stripping away the layers that are worse for wear and mitigating the water damage underneath. Once these issues are addressed, new layers will be installed on the damaged sections. It should be emphasized that this type of refurbishment requires your roof to meet established standards, for example, the damage needs to be localised rather than extensive.

Reach out to a professional who provides commercial flat roof refurbishment to learn more. 

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